Installation view at ProjectB Gallery – Milan, November 2016

Untitled – Triptych [Migrations] – 100 x 210 cm – Paper, ink, glue, nails – 2016

The Migration series’ works, each consisting of 7000 individual fingerprints, represent migration of human beings who are moving through countries in search of freedom and better living conditions. The fingerprints required for the realization of the work have been collected by the artist and the refugees in the Calais refugee camp – sadly known in the news as the jungle – from December to February 2016.

For the first time migrants were asked to offer their active contribution, collecting the fingerprints of whoever was in the field, thus reversing the paradigm that sees them only as passive actors in the system that receives them.

The work is in contrast with the series of portraits of fingerprints in which the same fingerprint of a single person is repeated a thousand times, representing the essence of our oversized western “I”.

In 2017 an auction will be held in Paris to sell ten large works, thanks to the support of Bernard-Henri Lévi and the auction house Pierre Bergé & Associés. All proceeds will be donated to related charities.

 Triptych – Untitled [Migrations] – 220 x 140 cm – Paper, ink, glue, nails, dirt on canvas – 2016


Triptych – Untitled [Migrations] – 150 x 300 cm – Paper, ink, glue, nails, acrylic on canvas – 2016


Triptych, Untitled [Migrations] 100 x 300 cm – Paper, ink, glue, nails, dirt on canvas – 2016