Tindàr (Milan, 1986) holds a degree in Business Management from Bocconi University. After graduating in 2008, Tindàr changed his career path and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History at Rome’s La Sapienza. At the same time, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts where he specialized in drawing techniques.

He lives and works in Rome, for the moment.

Upcoming expos:
24th September ’14- Tio Ilar, Athens
13th November ’14- Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul
20th January ’15 – London Art Fair, London
12th March ’15 – Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Past shows (personal and collective):
2014 START at Saatchi Gallery – London
2014 Galleria Salamon & C. – Milan
2013 Galleria Salamon & C. – Milan
2012 Sorelle Riva – Milano
2012 RvB Arts – Rome
2012 Palazzo di Napoli e Costantino – Palermo
2012 The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) – Rome

Critical contents: